20 May 2023

GALAXY ON FIRE 2 HD - modded, Linux only


NFS MOST WANTED BLACK EDITION (2005) - my "Street King v4" mod

 Another game mod meant for Linux users only. This time it's for NFS Most Wanted of 2005.

Here's the Golf in the final version of my mod for NFS MW called "Street King v4". The changes are many but most importantly - the cops can bust you only if you hit "reset car" in front of them. If you just slow down and stop, they can't bust you, the chopper is a useless mindless bot and no spikes in roadblocks. The NOS is practically infinite bc it refills faster than you use it. And the fastest car in the game is the VW GOLF GTI (GOLF 5).

Details about the mod - in the video description, below the two screenshots.

Link to download: Google Drive